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Sonnet 56

Andrew Zealley: Sonnet 56 (Music in Five Parts) 

voice: Robert Bolton

Tibetan singing bowl and music: Andrew Zealley

composed, recorded and mixed in the sky 2011

produced by PSBEUYS

Vague Terrain, 2011

Sonnet 56 is a composition in 5 parts, without pause. Each part lasts 5 minutes, bringing the total duration to 25 minutes and establishing a splendid sense of symmetry. Based on and around the text to “Sonnet 56” by William Shakespeare (1564-1616), this audio is a meditation on love. The subject is expressed from four personal memory locations and also the present, in non-chronological fashion just as memories and recollections may shift, temporally, backwards and forwards in our thoughts. The concept is a slow-motion dance for two (pas de deux) wherein only one character is consistent. Sonnet 56 is a conceptual reference to the courante, a French dance in 3/2 time signature that was popularized in the 17th century. 3 + 2 = 5. In contrast with the courante's traditionally lively pace, Sonnet 56 is indicated with andante tempo (moderate, walking pace) and predominantly ambient in tone.

James Blake CMYK (Pretty Beuys freemix)

Edit of James Blake’s CMYK by Pretty Beuys (Andrew Zealley and Robert Bolton). Photo by Miles Collyer.