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Oct 15 2012

Sep 16 2011


I recently approached Mensa and Omada with this idea. As someone who genuinely appreciates regional (id est: Southern) rap, I thought it fruitful to throw an event for those who enjoy Travis Porter unironically. The actual party will be less pretentious than this post.

Party Party Party. Saturday Night.

Times Neue Roman: Listening Party

We have some new material for you. This Thursday at the Thompson Hotel rooftop in Toronto. V.I.Free. RSVP only to info@1loveto.com   Subject: SADE

Salutations 1LoveTO, Moet, Mombacho, and the Thompson.

Jan 31 2011


Happy people: Thanks to all of you who attended the reunion. There’s a radiance to this event—the gathering of bright beings in the honeyed soundscape. And it warms me that so many recognize it as I do. If you don’t know what I mean, listen to the mix. Mensa and Todd capture it exactly. It was rambunctious too, thank Abraxas! Saturday’s confused and apologetic Facebook statuses and Twitter pleas for lost articles are evidence.

Peachfuzz alumni: I have to point to how Mensa put it—“Just looking at the photos I see captains of Toronto’s cultural industry: fashion designers dominating the scene, once budding artists now approaching their tipping point, dancers that have performed with the best, award winning photographers, chefs who’ve honed their skills abroad, PR mavens, the city’s top socialites, TV personalities, and people who’ve just grown as individuals but remained the same dope people since ‘06.”

Then there were lovers who’d met at Peachfuzz years ago and ‘pulled the babysitter card’ to make the reunion. And first timers who appreciated the legacy. The wholety was humbling and we celebrated at least four Capri-quarian birthdays, including my 25th. It was a memorable and merry one for me. Now! Just look at all of you:

Jan 16 2011

Peachfuzz & A Quarter Century

Mensa, Todd and I threw this party every single week for two years. The perfect blend of delicious (sexy) and nutritious (wholesome). If you were there, you know. If you never had the chance, now you have a chance. This Friday, I celebrate my 25th birthday party with the legendary Peachfuzz family.

The official:

Peachfuzz is a melodic mix of tunes you never knew and always loved, and the classic party is back for a one-night-only reunion.

From 2006 until 2008, Peachfuzz was an unassuming weekly gathering of friends and fam which eventually became an escape for the enlightened two-stepper, and the unofficial start to the weekend for many. 

Word spread, and, at its peak, the small night at Chinadoll was noted by XXL as one of “the best parties in Toronto.”

On Jan 21st, you’re invited to join us one more time for an evening of cool-out hip-hop, soul and beyond. We are also celebrating the birthdays of Cat Liguori, Arowbe, and all Capri-Quarians.

Music by DJ Mensa & Todd-Rod Skimmins.

And It is our pleasure to announce the return of the Peachfuzz photoshoot with world-class photographer Che Khotari.

Come take part in a humble piece of Toronto music history.

The Details

Friday January 21, 2010
with DJ’s Mensa & Todd-Rod Skimmins

hosted by Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe
574 College St. 
19+/No Dress Code/$5 All Night