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Design Through Dialogue

Designer, Christine Mangosing’s latest interpretation of the brand positioning and copywriting I did for CMANGO DESIGN.

Broad Way Sleep: Sound The Alarm

Broad Way Sleep is a songwriting collective I’m in with Ralph Joseph, Alexander The, and Sarah Shafey (and some others from time to time). Our new single is Sound The Alarm. I conceived the artwork with the talented designer Christine Mangosing - obvious nod to the famous poster by Russian Constructivist, Aleksandr Rodchenko.  1LoveTO just posted the song. So go have a listen.

Design Through Dialogue

Christine Mangosing (CMANGO DESIGN) is a brilliant graphic designer and artist and a frequent collaborator of mine. I recently co-conceptualized and wrote the copy for her positioning tag and landing page. Love what she did with the text.

Dear Lucille, Talk Soon Aiden


Music by Alexander Punzalan Junior

Lyrics by Robert Bolton

Artwork by Christine Mangosing

Purchase the 7-Inch vinyl here.

Lyrics after the jump. 

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Broad Way Sleep: Shy & Out of Season


Music: Ralph Joseph & Alexander The

Vox: Sarah Shafey & Robert Bolton

Lyrics: Robert Bolton

Art: Ilona Fiddy and Christine Mangosing for CMANGO DESIGN

Concept by Robert Bolton, based on the painting, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper


Of Silence

'Of Silence' is a book with audio CD by Christine Mangosing and Robert Bolton

The book contains a visual score for the Times Neue Roman song ‘Of Silence’. The project examines silence - its liminality, its spiritual significance, its role as artistic muse and its inherent incompatibility with commerce - as a space for contemplation and resistance. The graphic notation routes a sonic cartography of Toronto’s loudest intersections, translating urban noise and its absence as text and image.

Audio CD Contents:

1. Of Silence - Times Neue Roman
2. Of Silence - Sarah Shafey and Robert Bolton
3. Wolflove - Sarah Shafey and Robert Bolton
4. Last Thing (PSBEUYS ‘Of Silence’ edit) - Times Neue Roman 

Buy the Book and CD here.