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Aug 01 2012
audio times neue roman

Times Neue Roman - Way Way Down

Times Neue Roman - Way Way Down
(A. Punzalan Junior, R. Bolton)
Vocals: Arowbe and Alexander The
Bass: Kyle Harrison
Additional drums: Ian Riddoch
All other instrumentation: Alexander Punzalan Junior
Produced by: Alexander The 
Mixed by: Kyle Harrison and Alexander Punzalan Junior
Artwork by: Thomas ‘TG’ Bui
Executive Producer: Brent Fairbairn
Honest Music / DAPS Records 2012


Curated Friends

Artwork by Monyak

Jul 29 2012

2 New Songs

1. Major Lazer - Get Free (Beta Frontiers Remix f/ Arowbe)

2. Broad Way Sleep - Brand New Muse

Feb 20 2012
2 notes Audio Phèdre

Phèdre: Cold Sunday

Wrote and recorded some vocals for the new Phèdre record. More work with DAPS Records to follow.

an open birthday letter to Sade

Times Neue Roman - Sade is in my Tape Deck

Hi Sade,
Like most of the people I get along with, I have this fascination, or infatuation, with you. We talk about you like a pegasus, like somehow impossible, lighter than love + pared to bare simplicity. Oversized earrings and understated beauty.  Few move with wave like you; there are fewer who would seriously investigate the colour of love; I think it’s twilight, the inbetween time, between dawn and sunrise or sunset and dusk, when sunlight below horizon illuminates the air: l’heure bleue. 
For your birthday, we present this as a gesture of admiration and a tribute to the smoothness. Your contribution has been not just your music but the total influence, the input before and the output that’s followed. ‘Sade’ is a genre to me, and kind of a genre across genres, the sensuality epitomized by you but inclusive of numbers by so many others: Little Dragon, Anita Baker, Zaki Ibrahim, En Vogue, Drake, The Weeknd, OutKast, D’angelo, The Knife, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, James Blake, J Davy, Groove Theory, Phil Collins, Do or Die, Mike Jones, Currensy to name a few, and Aaliyah whose birthday is also today (RIP). I include all of those on that list. Sade is a tradition in music around a feeling. For us who had lovers rock to guide, you helped us know our selves and navigate our relationships. So in honour of you and to document your roots and branches, we recorded Sade Is In My Tape Deck, an ode to the elegance and influence. Humbly, we offer it on your birthday.
Here’s to your excellence. Happy Birthday love.
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Wolflove by Robert Bolton + Sarah Shafey

From the book, "Of Silence" (2010)

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Sep 02 2011
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Sonnet 56

Andrew Zealley: Sonnet 56 (Music in Five Parts) 

voice: Robert Bolton

Tibetan singing bowl and music: Andrew Zealley

composed, recorded and mixed in the sky 2011

produced by PSBEUYS

Vague Terrain, 2011

Sonnet 56 is a composition in 5 parts, without pause. Each part lasts 5 minutes, bringing the total duration to 25 minutes and establishing a splendid sense of symmetry. Based on and around the text to “Sonnet 56” by William Shakespeare (1564-1616), this audio is a meditation on love. The subject is expressed from four personal memory locations and also the present, in non-chronological fashion just as memories and recollections may shift, temporally, backwards and forwards in our thoughts. The concept is a slow-motion dance for two (pas de deux) wherein only one character is consistent. Sonnet 56 is a conceptual reference to the courante, a French dance in 3/2 time signature that was popularized in the 17th century. 3 + 2 = 5. In contrast with the courante's traditionally lively pace, Sonnet 56 is indicated with andante tempo (moderate, walking pace) and predominantly ambient in tone.

Jun 21 2011
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Pretty Beuys: Winning

Listen here.


produced by PSBEUYS 

words: Robert Bolton

music: Andrew Zealley

vocal beatbox: Luis Jacob 

recorded and mixed in the sky 2006-2011 

release: summer solstice 2011 

image: Luis Jacob 

download includes 3 hidden bonus tracks

PRETTY BEUYS is the pop/sound art collaboration of Robert Bolton aka Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe (vocals) and Andrew Zealley aka PSBEUYS (music). Each song on their debut album, WINNING, samples the stand-alone opening guitar chords from the David Bowie song “Win” (Young Americans, RCA Records, 1975). Along with Bowie, Pretty Beuys borrow from sonic wellsprings ranging from Fluxus artist Joseph Beuys, RUN DMC, advertising by furniture retailer The Brick, and a large palette of percussive sounds generated vocally by Canadian hybrid artist, Luis Jacob. Says Mr. Zealley, “The original recordings of Luis’s vocal beats were made in my studio in March 2006. I recorded him singing along with two songs of his choice—him listening on headphones while I captured only his vocalizations—resulting in a strange and richly nuanced palette of sounds.” 

Robert Bolton on writing PRETTY BEUYS: WINNING (June 2011): 

The writing is not linear but in its cloud – open for rearrangement, mutation and variant paths. The flow is all paisley. Swung, weaving drops of meaning. I might write seven choruses, seven hooks and repeat or deviate from them at my own instinct. A single line or word becomes an interminable refrain at any moment. The song overlaps staccato-rap style vocals with layers of slow ethereal croons. The laminate vox allows simultaneous signifiers to figure acoustically, affecting each other in multiple rhythmic and hermeneutic interactions. 

Through repetition, percussive language and performance, WINNING considers the possibilities of the rapper’s voice as an instrument, rather than a vehicle for precise textual meaning. 

Writing is from the network, from the radiant glory of data in flight. To inspire is to catch transmissions in open air. The ephemeral glide encourages stylistic promiscuity. I’ve always thought it important to experiment, not just in the bedroom but also in the music studio and chemistry lab. Erotic and enigmatic, the WINNING tracks give the impression of something rather than state it outright. 

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