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Jul 29 2012
M/I/S/C Magazine Text

Shaking Up The Establishment: Six Innovative CEOs Reimagine Idle Brands

A piece I produced for M/I/S/C Magazine with graphic designer, Sarah Chung.

Brand reinvention is about a lot more than softening the edges of your logo. It can necessitate full-scale organizational and business model transformation, adoption of new technologies, process redesign, and often the addition (and removal) of personnel to evolve culture. 

As an exercise in imagination, MISC challenged a group of creative and enterprising CEOs from pioneering companies to reinvent established old-world brands. Each CEO chose the brand they would reinvent from a short list of our recommendations, then they told us exactly what they would do if given the reins of that company. Stepping out of their usual categories to act in the theatre of the conditional, each CEO boldly reveals us what they would do differently if put in charge of another brand.

Read what they had to say here.