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Wolflove by Robert Bolton + Sarah Shafey

From the book, "Of Silence" (2010)

Lyrics after jump.


my love


quiet as a silence

sizeless as a virus

hallowed as the idols,

 subtle as its vital

 hollow as a bottle, shallow as a puddle

idle as its wild as its mild 

unbridled cries lying behind cinematic shadows

he imbibed the tonic vile, walked the mile, dropped the bible

prodded and devalued 


talked about it until they howled 

saddled up and made a child

out of water out of gravel

when in doubt- buy endowments - do it like a magi

she likes it when he’s violent so he’s nothing like her daddy

never thought about it she jumped into that caddy

should’ve probably left her in that dump in Cincinnati

but he always does it just like Michael Douglas with his family

rise a lighter– why oh why are they on fire

spiral like a cycle

like a psycho as he smites all her admirers

foul as the disguises that he’d hide in when he’d ride in

now she silent as a mouth shadow boxing with a vowel

i know you wanted me to be the wolf

i know you want me to be the wolf - love

i know you want me to be the wolf

i know you want me to be the wolf - love


alien as silence

fallible to sirens

fateful as the tidal

changes line up with the skies

mate up with whatever model

lines up with the lies

…he’s a brutal old man without compromise

gone and he cant beat that pussy on a Skype

she is even less around

so they do the mess around

usually hangout at the taphouse when he gets in town

drinking Seagram as he tremble on the verge of cheating

even might of let it happen once upon a certain weekend

because he got a girl now all the women seek to meet him

really what could be the bottom burden of a secret meeting?

Eden is a heated mattress and a matchstick for an evening

never thought about it until he rented that Excursion

should’ve never checked into that Westin in Alberta

all the best expressions are regretted with a murmur

most masculine of heroes, as evil as she preferred it